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The proliferation of plastic products in the last 70 years or so has been extraordinary; quite simply we cannot now live without them. From cutlery to carry bags, plastic has a dominating presence in all walks of life. And almost 50% of the plastics we produce, are single use and take between 500 - 1,000 years to degrade.


India alone generates over 5.6 million tonnes of plastic waste per annum. And only a meagre 5% of the plastics we produce are recovered to be reused or recycled.

Source: United Nations Environment 2018


  • 500 billion plastic bags used each year

  • 13 million tonnes of plastic leak into the ocean each year

  • 17 million barrels of oil used on plastic production each year

  • 1 million plastic bottles bought every minute

  • 100,000 marine animals killed by plastics each year

  • 100 years for plastic to degrade in the environment

  • 90% of bottled water found to contain plastic particles

  • 83% of tap water found to contain plastic particles

  • 50% of consumer plastics are single use

  • 10% of all human-generated waste is plastic

Why is Plastic Pollution Dangerous?

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Exposures to these chemicals have been suggested to contribute to some cancers, and infertility, as well as immune, metabolic, cognitive and behavioural disorders. The entry of plastic pieces into our food chain is of concern to human health.


Once in the ocean, plastic litter affects the safety of sea transport, fisheries, tourism and recreation. When broken up into tiny pieces, plastic attracts toxic chemicals released over decades from industry and agriculture, the concentration of which increases as they move up the food chain.


“The choices that we make today will define our collective future. Let us all join together to beat plastic pollution and make this planet a better place to live”


- Narendra Modi

The Situation in Chennai

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Source: Times of India

May 29, 2018

50% Marine Trash Plastic, No Rules to curb menace

Source: DT Next

Jan 1, 2018

Chennai generates 429 tonnes of plastic waste a day: Study

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Jun 5, 2018

Tamil Nadu bans manufacture, use of plastic from Jan 1, 2019

Source: The News Minute

July 11, 2017

Dear Chennai, do you know what happens to your waste? Nothing

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