" The most patriotic thing you can do is take care of the environment and try to live sustainably "

- Robert F Kennedy Jr

Green Warriors

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  • Namma Ooru who has a  team of dedicated women volunteers   have transformed 1000 households in Chennai city and cleared 4 temples and made them segregate waste, compost and gradually head towards  zero waste generating establishments.

  • In line with the Swachh Bharat mission of creating clean communities and preserving the environment, Namma Ooru Foundation has taken up ‘community building in harmony with the environment’ as the prime initiative among others. 

Namma Ooru



Mr. P. Natarajan an IT professional turned social entrepreneur, gave up a successful career in the US to follow his passion of setting up a social enterprise

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  • 73-year-old retired chemistry professor from the Thiagarajar Engineering College in Madurai ; one of the 73 recipients of the Padma Shri, the government’s fourth highest civilian honour in  January 2018   

  • Devised an innovative way of disposing of plastic waste – by using it to build roads

  • From November 2015 mandatory for road developers to mix plastic with bitumen while constructing roads- bid by the government to recycle plastic in an environmentally sound manner

"The Plastic Man of India"


Padma Shri winner Rajagopalan Vasudevan uses waste to build roads

  • SK  Dhawan and his group at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) a lab under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research,  actually create  a robust example of ‘wealth from waste’ - the waste being plastic bags, bottles, milk packets.

  • At the Swachhta Abhiyaan exhibition organised at the CSIR in 2017 a mosaic of tiles was used to build a demonstration bathroom

National Physical Laboratory (NPL)


Can our plastic, bottles and bags be turned into tiles?

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  • Cibhi Selven, the founder of Regeno.in, is helping solve the environment-threatening plastic problem in TN. 

  • Regeno biodegradable or compostable bags are made out of wastes of maize, vegetables and paper. These bags once disposed degrade in three month’ time based on the fertility of the soil without causing any damage to it.

  • Besides, these bio bags burn like paper and turn into ash. They can also melted in hot water. The introduction of Regeno bio bags made Coimbatore the second city in South India to have bio bags after Bengaluru.

Founder, Regeno Biodegradable bags


This young man quit his job in the US  to solve Tamil Nadu's plastic problems

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  • Srinivasan C is an expert in Zero Waste Management ( Solid and Liquid Waste Management) across India which is now commonly known as the "Vellore Model"

  • He is the founder of Indian Green Services introduced the Solid and Liquid Resource Management (SLRM), the crux of which is segregating day-to-day waste and reusing every bit of it.

  • Several States in the country have started showing interest in emulating the ‘Vellore model' of solid waste management 

Solid and Liquid Resource Management (SLRM)


Vellore Srinivasan's motto is simple:

" Turn garbage to gold "

Jadav Payeng.jpg
  • Jadav Payeng who lives on Majuli in Assam, India - the world's largest river island - was alarmed by the devastation caused to the land after a bout of extreme flooding and drought in 1979. 

  • In a bid to prevent further erosion to his homeland, the then 16-year-old decided he would plant a sapling in the barren soil every day for the foreseeable future and now, 39 years on, his woodland covers 1,360 acres (Central Park measures 840 acres in comparison) and it is home to Bengal tigers, rhino, vultures and 115 elephants

The Forest Man of India


Padma Shri recipient Jadav "Molai" Payeng single handedly created a forest reserve

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  • Daily Dump is a design led brand - a pioneer in designing and building products and services for decentralized waste management in homes, communities, offices and public spaces.

  • For all your composting needs http://www.dailydump.org

  • Navneeth Raghavan +91 98400 82607

Daily Dump


A potted history of home composting

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  • In October 2015, Afroz Shah, a Mumbai-based lawyer spearheaded the largest beach clean-up drive in Mumbai. He along with volunteers were cleaning the city’s Versova Beach for 109 weeks removing ~4300 tonnes of plastic before he gave up

  • His effort was recognised by the United Nations, which awarded him the Champions of the Earth award. The Versova Beach clean-up every Sunday was one of the largest citizen initiatives the world witnesses.

World's largest beach clean up project


Meet The Man Who Removed 4300 Tonnes Of Plastic From Mumbai’s Beach


Innovative ideas & Success Stories


Zero Waste zones

Namma Ooru Foundation,


  • Namma Ooru Foundation spearheaded by P Natarajan has made the following Green Zero Waste zones in Thiruvanmiyur :

    • 1000 households

    • 2 schools

    • Sakkarai Amman koil

  • This has been achieved by following a holistic solid waste management practice. They compost their wet waste, recycle the dry waste reuse and reduce the waste that cannot be either recycled or composted. A minimal amount of reject waste is what leaves the campus. 

Greening Drives

K Ramalingam, Chennai

  • K Ramalingam, Greenways Road, RA Puram has conducted Greening drives in Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur, Kottivakkam and Pallavakkam.

  • He strives to show how much harm can result from an extreme reliance on plastic. He irons clothes from a push cart on First main road RA puram, works as a reporter for a monthly magazine Reporter Vision and is an environmental activist. 

Recycling Plastic

Inklink Trust, Chennai

  • World InkLink Charitable Trust started "Buddy-Bin", an initiative to tackle the threat to the environment posed by plastic waste and to generate employment opportunities for the women in the local area. Buddy-Bin is the name of an upcycled bin, made with single-use plastic waste retrieved from the locality

  • Contact: Managing trustee, Shashwathi

  • Email: BINS.inklink.trust@gmail.com; Phone: +91 9176015090

Re-usable Cloth Bags

Eco Mithra, Chennai

  • Eco Mithra has a mission to eradicate plastic bags and replace it with eco-friendly reusable cloth bags with clothes donated by people. 

  • The team has joined hands with NGOs such as Banyan and Oasis India that work with SHG women tailors. The women at Banyan wash the clothes.

Seed balls to improve Tree cover

Bhumi, Chennai

  • This cost effective, simple solution started in Kenya and has spread across the globe. The Indian Oil Corporation use their drivers who criss-cross the country to use this technique. A seed is placed in a ball of charcoal dust mixed with nutrients. This protects the seeds against animals and extreme temperature until the rains come and they begin to sprout. These seed balls are thrown using catapults or from cars. 

  • This is the most economical way to replace  the one and half acres of forest that are being  cut worldwide every second and that in turn are  increasing greenhouse gas emission by 12-17% annually.

Efficient Waste Management

ACC Clean & Green Initiative, Madukkarai

  • Madukkarai, a small town at the tip of the country, is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest recycling lesson in the world.

  • With the help of around 50 women, who are now called ‘Green Friends’, and a simple, scalable model, this town is leading the way for efficient waste management.

  • 18 wards, 8000 households, 42000 people, 82% homes hand over garbage to Green Friends every day. 1440 tons of garbage collected annually ; 60% reduction in landfill wastes and greenhouse gas emissions. Significant decrease in malaria and dengue.

  • Clean and Green Award 2016; Mother Teresa award for CSR 2014; Best community project  Global CSR 2013 

Food Packaging

Restaurants, Madurai

  • Hotel Saravanas in Madurai has an unique offer - if a customer  brings their own vessels for take away for idly and pongal then a free stainless steel vessel worth Rs  28/-  is given away for sambar packaging

  • Hotel Banu Brindhavan, Madurai gives a 10% discount if a customer brings vessels for take away! 

Green Consultants



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